1. It allowed for us to experience all different forms of art. I liked how the “B” portion of the semester was the longest. It was the most hands on and fun in my opinion.
  2. I really liked these projects. My favorite of this group of projects was the plaster casting. I really had a good time going to the beach as well as making art when I was down there. I also really liked the spray painting activity because I really liked how it tuned out.
  3. Although these weren’t my favorite assignments in the world, I did appreciate the fact that it was teaching me to use different mediums. The vlog was super funny to me and pushed me to grow outside of my comfort zone.
  4. What did you think of the Student Choice & One More activities?
  5. I thought that going to the SOA galleries were super cool and a good was to see art that you normally wouldn’t. I especially liked it because it made me see that there are people around my age doing some amazing things and that if they can follow their dreams, then so can I.
  6. I actually didn’t like this at all. It had way too much going on and a little too complicated for me. Also, I check Beachboard everyday for my other classes and I found tend to forget that I had to check on a different website.
  7. I think that WordPress itself is a very good app that is easy to navigate through. I don’t like the fact that the assignments had to be done on a separate website, but as for WordPress itself, I liked it.
  8. I have used Wix before in high school so I already had some knowledge of it. I think that similar to WordPress, the website is easy to use and navigate through.
  9. I liked them. I thought that it was super cool.
  10. I liked spending time interacting with my classmates. I knew 2 people going into this class and I came out knowing probably 10 people.
  11. I think in this class I enjoyed not taking tests for multiple reasons. I liked the fact that I didn’t have to study(obviously). However, I think that not taking the test we thought we were going to take allowed the students of the class, myself included, to open our minds. Everyone was so excited to not have to take a test that they were engaged in what you were saying and the message you were saying was taken well.
  12. I completely messed up this semester. I didn’t prioritize the things that I should have and more than likely I’m not going to pass this class. With that being said, I really appreciate what you do and I look up to you in many ways. You know what makes you happy and you get to do that everyday for a living. I hope that I can do that one day. Thanks for everything!


I was going for a surfer. I was unable to get to the beach this week so I took a picture next to my next best option. Above my bed is a poster that I like and then on my bed is an art project that I made. It is a surf collage with lots of beach related image.

I think that I was partially successful. I think that what I’m wearing and what’s around me is very fitting. I had a very beachy theme. However, I did not have a picture at the beach so I wasn’t 100% successful.

Next time I would probably be in a wetsuit and at the beach. It would fit more for what I want to do (pro surfer). Also, I’d get to surf that day and it would make it even realer

Cup Sketch

I had so much fun drawing this, I really love being able to sketch. It was a little frustrating trying to draw the lid on the cup. I actually like to sketch a lot so I will for sure be doing this again soon.

If I practiced for 100 or 1,000 more hours I feel like I would get so much better. After maybe 5 hours of drawing I saw myself getting better. I just have to stay consistent.

I just switched from being a communications major to a finance major. In the world of finance I could be looking at the finances of a blueprint building or something like that. I could have to sketch it really quick when talking about the numbers.

UAM Experience

I missed the first class at the UAM and I was actually really excited to go this time. I enjoy hands on learning and learning from experiencing. This was perfect for me in that sense. I liked being able to wander around by myself and just take in all of the art around me. I enjoyed getting close to the art and really appreciating the texture of the art as well as the medium in which they were made.

I really liked the art that had the different colored squares. There were lots of them or ones very similar to them throughout the gallery. It was cool to notice all the similarities as well as the differences between all of the different work. I think it’s cool because to me they seemed very vague as to what it represents, but that also allows the art to be interpreted in many different ways. I particularly liked the one where the squares were different neon colors. It stood out against the white walls and I found myself very attracted to it.

My 3 favorite pieces were the glasses piece, the blue indian piece and the piece of the man. The glasses one was cool because it was big and unique and felt like the center of attention. I really liked the blue indian piece because to me it was just a vibe. It was super rad and unique and was made by Andy Warhol which is a huge plus Lastly, I liked the picture of the man because of the strokes on it. It looked as if you could feel the material of the shirt he was wearing and it was so real yet not at the same time.

Spray Painting

I loved making this project. I doodle a lot in class; I especially like writing names in and messing with the fonts. I am not the best artist ever so I like the looks of messing street looking art. I found this board at my fraternity house and it had a bunch of colors on it already. I put my name on there with other colors and I actually really like the way it turned out. My dad makes art as well as a hobby and it actually inspired a new piece that he’s about to start.

Finger painting

This art project was honestly super fun. I had a really good time doing it. I had time to play some music and be by myself while being creative and it was very relaxing. It was harder than I expected because I thought I would make really good looking art without much effort and then I realized that it looks like a 5 year old made it. I really liked that I didn’t have a subject to paint about. I actually spent close to 20 minutes just picking what I wanted to paint. I just let my mind flow from 1 idea to the next. Other paintings I would plan out a lot and take lots of prep time. On this one, I just did what I felt was right.